There will be a king tide at Little Bay on Sunday 13 July. The king high of 2.1 metres will peak at 8:58 PM on Sunday night followed by the king low of 0.1 metres (a full two metres lower) at 3:35 AM on Monday morning.

Unfortunately these times are not suitable for observation. However if you can get to the beach on Monday morning you should be able to observe from the tide line in various places how high the tide rose. Photos I could post on this site would be most welcome.

If we were to receive more rough weather, it might create a storm surge that could push the tide further up the beach than the expected 2.1 metres.

The Sunday afternoon low tide preceding the king high will also be quite low – 0.3 metres at 2:28 PM – and worthy of observation.

For more on king tides, take a look at the Witness King Tides Project.

To view Little Bay tide data, got to Willyweather.