Can signage be installed as a first step towards saving Little Bay’s marine life?

At Gordon’s Bay recently, I noticed prominent signage which makes it clear that collecting of marine life is not permitted and explains why:

Collecting is not allowed at Gordons Bay

Collecting is not allowed at Gordons Bay

Little Bay has no such signage, and is enduring yet again the annual “rape of the bay”. This is when people who otherwise never visit arrive in large groups at the time of the extreme Christmas low tides and the Christmas-January public holiday low tides and remove all the sea urchins and other edible sea creatures they can find.

The bay is not recovering from this annual pillage, and in terms of marine life, has virtually become a dead bay. On this subject, please also see this blog’s February 2011 post Should Little Bay be a Marine Reserve?.

A secondary issue that should concern all beach users is the behaviour of sea urchin gatherers who carelessly leave the shells and spines of these creatures on the sand and in the water where swimmers and sunbathers can tread on them; sea urchin spine injuries are painful and the spines difficult to remove, sometimes requiring medical attention.

I will be contacting Randwick City Council to try to get signage similar to that at Gordon’s Bay installed at Little Bay. If I have your support, please let me know by posting a comment or by emailing fagan dot peter at gmail dot com.