The Little Bay Landcare group has been going for more than 5 years now, and we finished 2010 with more weeding by Mark, our Site supervisor and Don yesterday.
We are preserving areas of Coastal Heath and Eastern Suburbs Banksia scrub, preserving native habitat for birds and lizards and preventing the loss of local native flora. We have been working on areas between the 12 and 16th greens on the Coast Golf course, and on the northern portion of Little Bay beach. This area, above the path, is relatively weed free, so constant work on the perimeter is important to avoid futher losses of native species in this area. This year we were rewarded by a display of flannel flowers and a few orchids, although the rabbits seem to have eaten quite a few of the orchids.
We have been working on the largest remnant patch between the 11th and 17th greens over the past 12 months. This area has a lot of blackberry, lantana, bitou and turkey rhubarb. A large patch of this bush has been cleared in the middle, as someone has established a camp. This cleared area provides an opportunity for new weeds to establish, so it requires some attention. We’ve found a few blue tongue lizards in this patch.
Our next meeting will be the 4th Saturday, 22nd of January. We meet at 8am-12 outside 121 Bilga Cres. We provide tools and morning tea. We welcome anyone who’s willing to volunteer. Mark provides instructions on weeding and safety instructions.