Landcom have now completed the second stage cleanup of the beach. This cleanup was very thorough, using special equipment with finer sieves, and extending over eight days.

The result is very impressive with a lot more bricks, brick fragments, rusty metal, glass and earthenware removed. The General Manager of Randwick City Council, Mr. Ray Brownlee has now inspected the beach following the cleanup. All those in the inspection party agreed that the cleanup had achieved as much as was reasonably possible. For before and after photos, click here.

Expect transfer of management of the beach (dedication) from Landcom to Randwick Council within the next three months.

The beach is now vastly cleaner than it was. However beach users should exercise caution in the immediate area where the creek is flowing across the beach, especially after rain, as the creek’s channel through the sand may expose additional small, sharp pieces of metal. Council cleaning staff and volunteers will inspect the creek area frequently in order to remove any metal they find.

Thank you Landcom for committing the considerable resources required to restore this badly polluted section of beach to its natural state.