The General Manager of Randwick Council, Mr. Ray Bownlee has now inspected the beach following the cleanup. He has agreed that the results are impressive and very pleasing, but acknowledges that further work is required using machinery with a finer sieve to remove small brick pieces, glass and most importantly, small, sharp-pointed pieces of metal. Further work will be subject to negotiation between Randwick Council and Landcom.

At this point it is appropriate to acknowledge the following people by whom I was most positively supported throughout and who I list in chronological order of my involvement with them:

* Lynda Newnham, Charles Abela and Bob Brooks (La Perouse Precinct Committee)

* Alderman Robert Belleli (Liberal Alderman, Randwick City Council, South Ward)

* Ray Brownlee (General Manager, Randwick City Council)

* David Allison (Greens candidate, Randwick City Council, South Ward)

* Bob Burgess (resident at Prince Henry)

* doubtless a number of other people who sent emails etc.

We should also recognise that Landcom have acted in good faith and agreed to fund and perform the work, so thanks are due to Mr Sean O’Toole (General Manager, Landcom) and his staff and contractors who have done such a professional job.

A clean beach for next summer and every summer thereafter – this is great news!

Peter Fagan