On Friday 16 November 2007, the General Manager of Randwick City Council (Ray Brownlee) and the Director of City Services (Jorde Frangoples), accompanied by Councillor Robert Belleli, inspected the bricks on Little Bay beach and met with Charles Abela (Chairman of the la Perouse Precinct Committee) and myself.

Ray Brownlee and Jorde Frangoples appreciate that the bricks must go and made a verbal commitment to have all of them removed.

The General Manager wants the work to be done and paid for by Landcom before they hand the beach over to Council. According to him, the beach does not get handed over until the Community Centre (currently under construction) is completed. Should Landcom agree to remove the bricks, there is therefore, a few months to go before they would have to complete the task.

On July 14 2008, James Adcock from Landcom was questioned by a Prince Henry resident regarding Landcom’s intentions on the brick problem. James stated that Landcom is aware of the site and the need to carry out work to remove the problem. When pressed for a timeframe he indicated “sometime before the end of the year”.

In a subsequent (September 2008) discussion with an on-site Landcom manager, the same Prince Henry resident was told that Landcom had no intention of doing anything about the brick problem.

So at the moment we are in “wait and see” mode. If you would like to contribute by expressing to Landcom your hope that they will do the right thing, an email, phone call or letter to James would be appropriate – JAdcock at landcom dot nsw dot gov dot au – (02) 9841 8600 – PO Box 237 Parramatta 2124.

If you have any other comments or suggestions, please contact the campaign coordinator, Peter Fagan by email at pfagan at exemail dot com dot au